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Four easy steps to fun travel planning with Pinterest

Take your travel planning from drab to fab with these four steps and become a Pinterest travel planning maven.

Four easy steps to fun travel planning with Pinterest

Gone are the days of piles of travel brochures, confusing bookmark folders and cut and glue inspiration boards. Pinterest is the perfect place to plan your holiday, especially if you are collaborating with hubby or a bestie to make it happen. You can collect inspirational pictures, link to useful sites and make notes, all in one place, that any of you group members can access and add to from any internet connection.

Step One Master Pinterest:

Take five minutes to figure out what this Pinterest thing is all about, once you have created an account it’s easy to get straight into travel planning.

Sign up for a Pinterest account if you don’t already have one. Instructions here.

Create boards to pin interesting things to.

Pinterest is a search engine, there are a bunch of ways to find content that interests you.

Browse the “travel” category in the menu.

Type in specific search i.e. “things to do in NYC”.

Follow travel boards and bloggers – travel bloggers like me love Pinterest you can find all my best travel tips here.

Pinterest learns from the things you pin and makes suggestions in your feed.

You can pin a link to any web page with helpful info you come across on the rest of the internet.

You can add friends and create group boards to collaborate with friends and family.

Insperation boards on Pinterest

Create Inspiration Boards:

Start with some raw inspiration, you can create boards based on countries you want to visit, or the type of vacation you are thinking of i.e. best beach destinations, or perhaps an activity you are dreaming of like horse riding or cooking classes. You and your travel companions can go pin crazy deciding which location to settle on.

Have a look at your boards and see if any themes or locations come up a lot, those are probably the destinations you should aim for.

Nail it Down Trip Details and Travel Tips:

Now that you have a more specific idea of where you want to go, you can use Pinterest to collate all the details. Here are some of the types of boards you might want to create:

plan your holiday vacation or trip with Pinterest

What to eat in Melbourne

Where to stay in Vancouver

What to pack/wear for Hawaii

Free things to do in Denver

Activities you have to do at Mt. Cook

Shopping and souvenirs from Marrakesh

Travel tips

Things to Buy

How to save money for travel

You get the idea right. As well as gaining inspiration and finding handy travel tips on Pinterest, remember you can pin any web page including flight searches or shopping lists of things to buy. Use the comment section on your pins to take notes. You will find you can amass all the info you need quickly and in a colourful interactive way great for those of us who hate traditional travel planning.

Share your Travel Memories:

While travelling or when you return you can even upload your favourite photos to a group board so you and your travel buddies can all share your favourite moments (you can make boards secret if you don’t want other people to be able to see your pins).

Holiday planning on Pinterest is a great place to colaborate

In four steps you have gone from boring trip research to colourful interactive boards, where all the info you need is in one place and can be accessed even from your phone while on the road. Hope you have fun planning your next adventure. If you have a favourite travel Pinterest board or page please write it in the comments so we can all share the inspiration.


Author of Stress Free Adventure Planning

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