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Ann K Addley

Better known as a dancer and a circus performer, Ann K Addley graduated with qualifications in Interior design, but soon found that her unique talents drew her to world travel.

 Performing and teaching dance and circus, as well as producing shows and festivals has allowed Ann to remain self employed and roaming free, living in cities such as Auckland, Cairo, Tokyo and Vancouver. Indulging what they now days call lifestyle design and use to just refer to as being a little weird.

Ann wrote her first book while still in high school, but dyslexia and truly awful spelling have kept her from following through with her dream of writing for a living – until a kind friend offered to translate Ann babble into standard human fit for public consumption. She has now finished two books; Stress Free Adventure Planning - a how to for travel planning and T is for Taniwha - an educational children’s coloring book.

When she is not traveling or performing, Ann writes and creates visual art, reads everything not nailed down and explores whatever environment she happens to find herself in.

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