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Stress Free Adventure Planning

Save $500 in an hour, by organizing your own holiday, even if you have never travelled before!

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Want to plan the perfect overseas vacation?

Always dreamed of travelling but don't know where to start?

Been overseas a few times but always find that the planning throws you into a world of stress?

Save time, money and stress in planning your next adventure, guaranteed with this handy book. Stress Free Adventure Planning will change the way you travel. 

From the author: I wrote this book after a friend asked for my help planning her honeymoon. It was her first big overseas trip and she was terrified she would forget a vital detail. Through the process of helping her achieve her dream trip I realized how valuable the information I had gained in my years of travel was. Things that seemed simple to me where totally foreign to others. So I put together a step-by-step guide with hundreds of easy to follow links to making the travel planning process a breeze.


“Absolutely loved this book - I especially liked the tips for getting the best room rates and for things like flights and cruises. Very helpful - who wants to pay rack rate if they don't have to? There were so many things I would never have thought of that I wouldn't have planned for if I hadn't used the book - the author's thought of everything it seems!

Whether you've travelled before or it's your first time, I think this book is incredibly valuable. I'm glad my friends put me on to it because in just a few short days it reduced my planning frenzy down to a manageable process - and I'm pretty sure I also saved a heap of cash overall!”

Elizabeth Sheridan, New Zealand


There's a lot of information out there on travel planning but where do you start? Stress Free Adventure Planning includes:

  • Step by step instructions

  • Organizational checklists

  • Money-saving tips and tricks

  • Personal travel anecdotes

  • Booking information

  • Links to handy tools


It will give you all the information you need to help plan your next great adventure. I guarantee this book will save you time, money and most importantly, stress.



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“I have travelled a fair bit and enjoy planning my trips yet I still learned some neat tricks from this book. Good tips on booking the cheapest flights and saving money when travelling, the savings will be more than the price of the book for sure! I also really liked the list of links to many useful free external resources. The checklists are very detailed which enables to pick what you need and ignore what you do not.”

Gregor Kolbeon, Scotland


  • Perfect for those that have never travelled before. Stress Free Adventure Planning takes the scariness out of organizing your trip and it even includes a chapter on budgeting for travel. So the trip you always dreamed of is not so far away after all.

  • This book can be viewed on an e-reader, but is designed to be brought up on your laptop or phone so you can have access to the hundreds of handy links while you are out on the road. Don’t worry if you don’t own an e-reader, you can get a free app to read on any device right here 

  • For the cost of a bakery lunch, Stress Free Adventure Planning will save you money, time and stress. Readers rave about how much they have saved with its great tips.

  • Easy to follow step-by-step instructions and a checklist at the end of each chapter make this book simple to use. Start at chapter one and before you know it you will have your dream holiday totally organized.

  • Stress Free Adventure Planning is guaranteed, so if you don’t think it is full of quality content and money saving tips, you can get your money back with no questions asked.

  • Even seasoned travellers will find tips in here they have never come across and the list of helpful links means you can find the best deal site in record time.


“Great read for any budding travellers out there! It's applicable for newbie adventurers or the more experienced. A nice section on budgeting for people who are penny pinchers and some awesome links to budget calculators and checklists. This book does all the thinking for you.”

Candice Frankland, South Africa

Stress Free Adventure Planning is available as an e-book download to read on a kindle, PC or phone or as a USB card perfect for gifting to the recently graduated or engaged.


E-book, in kindle format $9.55 USD


USB in PDF and e-PUB format $12.55 USD

Our Guarantee:

We believe so strongly that Stress Free Adventure Planning will save you time, stress and money that we are willing to offer you a 100% money back guarantee. If you do not believe that this book helps you in the planning of your upcoming adventure simply email, with proof of purchase and reason for return within 7 days of purchase and we will refund 100% of your purchase price.

I know travel can be daunting, however the many incredible experiences I have had while on the road have shaped how I see and interact with the world today. I wish everyone was able to experience travel in the ways I have and I hope Stress Free Adventure Planning can go a small way in helping people achieve their travel dreams.


Ann K Addley


Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions you might have on

"Good solid advice on organising a travel adventure sprinkled with amusing anecdotes. Lots of useful links and it saved and displayed perfectly on my phone. The advice on 'round the world' tickets is worth the price of the book by itself."

Derek Tomes, New Zealand

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