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Quiz - Is Solo Travel Right For You?

Take this easy quiz to decide if solo travel is something that will work for you.

Is solo travel right for you?

Personally, I love both solo travel and travelling with companions, though each has its pros and cons. I also believe that travelling solo is an experience that truly helps you grow as a person and become more comfortable in your own skin. However, some people are going to find the experience more enjoyable than others!

What is right for you depends on your personality and travel style. Solo travel can be scary, especially if this is your first overseas adventure. But there are many advantages to breaking out on your own.

Going it alone can be lonely, accommodation can be more expensive, and personally I always feel the need to share a really amazing experience, even if it's with someone I met the night before at the hostel. However the freedom of being able to do what you want, when you want is great. The feeling of achievement from being self-sufficient is something you'll carry with you for the rest of your life. It's also much easier to connect to locals when speaking with them one on one.

Group travel

Solo, duo or group all that matters is what’s right for you. Travelling with a friend or a group means there is someone to share the adventures with, to share costs and often split the physical weight of supplies if you're backpacking. But other people also have their own expectations and may drag you to places you're not interested in. If there is a group of you travelling together, better believe decisions will take ten times longer. I believe a good shared travel experience hinges greatly on who you choose to be your companion(s).

So whether you got solo or group travel on the quiz all that matters is that you get out into the world and have great adventures. Don’t let indecision hold you back a moment longer.


Author of Stress Free Adventure Planning

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