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10 Travel Videos to Inspire You

I started this post with the intention to share a few of my favorite travel videos, a little research quickly showed me there were three main categories of travel videos. By far the most popular videos, hit-wise anyway are the clever advertisements made by tourism boards and air lines, Booooorrrriinnggg! So I’m going to focus on the other two categories. One is travel blogs or Vlogs and the other is inspirational or explorative videos.


From travel advice to what to see in different parts of the world, vloggers cover a huge range of topics and personalities. Have a look at some of the amazing videos below and find a vlog that’s perfect for your travel style.

Expert Vagabond

Matthew Karsten is addicted to adventure travel and photography, he’s on a mission to inspire your next journey with entertaining stories, beautiful images, fun travel videos, and useful tips. Vagabonding around the world for the past 4 years.

Kristen Sarah

Kristen Sarah is an actress and adventure travel junkie. This is an out-of-the-box, off-the-beaten-path, travel channel. She films her crazy adventures around the world, gives travel tips and advice in a fun and comedic way.

Mr Ben Brown

Ben Brown is a film maker & photographer from London, uploading daily vlogs which are sometimes late due to projects, travel & life.

Graham Hughes

Graham David Hughes is a British adventurer, filmmaker, television presenter and Guinness World Records holder. Graham successfully visited all United Nations member states without flying. He did so over a period of nearly four years and completed the task in November 2012.


The Vagabrothers are Mark and Alex, two half-Californian/half-Kiwi brothers travelling the globe learning about the world through the people who live in it.


Inspirational videos are different again, think time laps or stop motion charting great adventures or showing a side of a certain location you may never get to see. These are the videos we sigh over in our office during lunch breaks.

We call this home – 3 Years around the world travel

3 years - 60 countries. In 2011 I quit my job after saving up and started to travel around the world. I trekked amazing landscapes, checked off the bucket list, hitchhiked, slept anywhere I could, and made countless friends. These are my memories.

Time is nothing around the world in 343 days

17 Countries. 343 Days. 6237 Photographs. One incredible journey.

Yah Yao Noi

This was shot on my holiday (yes my passion is also my job!) alongside some stuff for my GH4 review. Koh Yao Noi is one of the least developed islands in Thailand despite being right in the middle of the most touristic bay there. It's a little haven of real Thailand with just 18km of roads.

Cuba -the land lost in time

After a recent journey throughout Cuba I soon became aware that I was disconnected from the outside world and filled with Cuba's cultural richness.

Watchtower of Turkey

Over than 3500 km travelled in 20 days, capturing landscapes from the bluish tones of Pamukkale to the warm ones of Cappadocia, the all passing by a great variation of colors, lights and weathers through six other cities.

If you have watched all these inspiring videos and a rearing to go here is one last clip a TED X video titled How to travel the world on almost no money.

Now go forth and make some travel memories of your own.


If you enjoyed this blog check out this post on twitter account that inspire travel.


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