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22 Twitter Accounts to Feed Your Wanderlust

If you’re a Twitter addict you already know Twitter is not just about sharing what you had for dinner. Twitter is about conversations, there is new info, tips, tricks and ideas being shared every minute of every day on every topic imaginable and that includes travel.

Whether you are looking for some arm chair inspiration, or the latest tips from experienced travellers Twitter can add real value to your travels. In fact one of the best tips I ever got was to throw away my guide book and instead approach local travel bloggers for their picks of local sites and activities; and do you know the easiest way to find and contact local travel bloggers? That’s right: Twitter.

Below are a few of my favourite Twitter personalities, people well worth the follow for their fascinating stories and handy tips.

Kiwis on the Road: As someone of the New Zealand persuasion, it’s always interesting to keep up with what other Kiwis are doing out in the world:

@theglobalcouple Kiwi couple travelling the globe. Interesting travel posts and beautiful photographs.

@Passport_Liz Kiwi travel blogger and writer for Trip Advisor. Shares both NZ and international travel tips and stories.

@FourJandals Interesting travel stories and tips from Europe and the world.

@themanvsworld Travel stories and insight into what it is like to be a Kiwi out in the big wide world.

Travel Bloggers: My list of followable travel bloggers is as long as my arm so I struggled to cut it down to these five.

@nomadicmatt My all-time favourite budget travel blogger, Matt shares heaps of handy tips.

@luxury__travel If you like the finer things in life this luxury travel blog has you covered.

@FNEZ North American based, lots of travel guides, tips and beautiful photos.

@InTheLoopTravel US based traveller focusing on travel tips, photos and exercise related travel ideas.

@EnjoyingHotels Tips on getting the best deals from hotels and accommodations.

Couples on the Go: Travelling with someone, be it a friend or partner, can be a challenge but here are some people who make it look easy.

@gordyandpaula Older couple that make the most of travel experiences and share some amazing tips and stories.

@OneModernCouple Young couple sharing their lives as digital nomads.

Family Adventures: “but what about the kids?” is the single most common excuse for not travelling, yet these folks show us how to take the kids along and have fun doing it.

@RWeThereYetMom Family friendly tips for destinations all over the globe.

@FamTravelFiles Family vacation ideas and info. (North American)

Backpackers: Tiny budget, huge pack? Take some advice from these experienced backpackers.

@ActPlanetTravel Travel inspiration and tips for backpackers including the best locations.

@wandering_will This broke backpacker shares adventures and tips from his backpacking escapades.

Long Term Travel: So you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, but how do you maintain your travel lifestyle? Check out the advice from these experts.

@livingdreamrtw Long-term travel bloggers sharing stories and tips.

@davestravelpage Blogger focusing on cycle touring and travelling. Lots of interesting pictures and he frequently re-tweets other interesting posts.

Solo Travel: if you want to strike out on your own, here is all the inspiration you need.

@FlirtWithGlobe US based blogger, traveller and attorney. Gorgeous photos and interesting posts.

@teacaketravels Quirky travel stories, happy to support other travellers.

Twitter lists: Ok so these are not accounts to follow but if you are as addicted to Twitter as I am, then the idea of lists of other people’s favourite Twitter travel personalities is a rabbit hole I am very keen to crawl down.

Travel Bloggers/Writers - A public list by Gary Arndt @EverywhereTrip

Leading Travel Blogs - A public list by John Williams @eurapart

Travel Bloggers - A public list by Iain Manley @IainManley

There you have it, an introduction to travel inspiration on Twitter. I hope you have as much fun exploring Twitter as I did. Check out my own feed and give me a follow @AnnKAddley. If you have any favourite Tweeters I have missed drop me an email or leave me a comment on my main blog page.


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