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Ask These 9 Questions When Planning And Have The Holiday Of Your Dreams

Most of us like the idea of travel, exploring exotic locations, recovering from your nine to five. But when it comes time to plan your next holiday you sit staring blankly at the computer screen for twenty min before deciding it’s all too hard and book the first package you come across. Well here are questions to ask yourself before you start planning. Whether you are after a complete package or something more personal understand exactly what you want out of your travel and get you the holiday of your dreams.

Ask these 9 questions when planning and have the holiday of your dreams

Why is it even worth the bother?

Holidays are traditionally used for relaxation or exploring a new slice of the world but there is so much more to be gained through travel whether you are discovering new things about yourself or making family memories that will last a lifetime. Travel has the ability to enrich lives.

For those of us rushing through this busy modern world, travel can teach us to live in the moment, making the most of every precious minute. Your holiday experiences can take you outside your comfort zone or make you more comfortable in yourself.

New experiences can build confidence especially in younger people. Travel exposes you to cultures, places and ways of life different from your own and can make history and social studies come alive.

Exotic locations make you thankful for what you have, they teach you patience and tolerance and can trigger the imagination, inspiring new direction.

Whether you have two weeks, a year, or a couple of months escape, your holiday not only recharges and refreshes you but can enrich your entire life. With that in mind isn’t it worth spending five minutes answering these 9 questions, knowing exactly what you want from a holiday makes the booking process a breeze.

Holiday Planning

9 questions to ask yourself:

1) When will your holiday be? - Is there a certain time of the year you can take time off work? Do you crave beaches or snow? Do you want to do a specific activity that is weather dependant?

2) Who are you traveling with? Going it solo? With friends or a partner? Or taking the whole family? Make sure you consider the needs of everyone traveling with you, it’s better to ask some questions now than come to heads while on holiday.

3) Are you picky? - Be realistic, what standard of food and accommodation do you need to be comfortable? Are you willing to cook your own meals? Share accommodation? Or is it important to you to have some luxuries on your break?

4) Do you have health conditions? - A bung knee? Allergies? Or other dietary requirements that need to be considered? This can affect your accommodation choices not to mention excursions.

5) Are there certain attractions you must see? – Sometimes we travel to see some long admired attraction. Sometimes you just have to take that class. Be sure to prioritise these in your budget and check that the season is ideal to achieve your dreams. Other attractions can be filled in later with a little internet research on your chosen location. 6) Are you an introvert or an extrovert? – Knowing yourself is the first step to a blissful vacation. Introverts may want to avoid long tours in close quarters while extroverts may revel in busy festival environments.

7) Do you like being out of your comfort zone? – Travel often involves exploring new environments knowing how far you like to be pushed helps you make the most of your holiday. Are you fine exploring the local market as long as you can go back to your comfy hotel afterward or do you secretly dream of trying bungee jumping? 8) Do you like planning and organizing? – So this is mostly a booking question, there is money to be saved and unique adventures to be discovered in self booking but sometimes the effort isn't worth the reward. Remember this holiday thing is supposed to be relaxing.

9) What is your budget for this trip? - Look at how much you have saved now and how much more you are realistically going to add to that before your holiday comes around, to get a ball park number. You can use this calculator to get an idea of how far this amount will get you.

What you know now

You now know when you want to travel. Who you are traveling with. What the main attractions you want to see are. What style of food and accommodation you require. If there is any health issues to work into your plan. If you need to book in some me time. A ball park of your budget and whether you want to self-book or contact a travel agent.

Armed with this information and the internet you can quickly book your dream holiday. The hardest step is understanding what will work for you and you have already sorted that out.


Author of Stress Free Adventure Planning

If you found this post helpfull please check out this one on how to survive a long haul flight or sign up here for my FREE travel budget calculator and monthly tips to save money on your travel.

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